Welcome to the Books, Brands, and Business podcast with your host, Chris O’Byrne, from JETLAUNCH.net.

This is our very first episode, and I want to give you an overview of what you can expect from this podcast. At JETLAUNCH, my publishing company, we are all about books.

We provide all sorts of book services, but the bottom line is that we help you create and leverage a book to build your brand and your business.

You see, a book is actually a mini-business. A microcosm, if you will. With a business, you solve a problem for a profit, which is exactly what a book does. A good book, one that you can use to build your brand and your business, has all of the elements of a good business

  • hook
  • offer
  • delivering on that offer
  • finance
  • legal issues
  • sales and marketing

The focus of this podcast is to help you learn how to build your own book (just like you build a business) and then show you how to use your book to jetlaunch your brand and your business.

Branding and Business

Now, let’s focus on those two words for a minute: brand and business. Yes, you can have a brand without having a business and you can have a business without focusing much on your brand, but in reality, those two almost always go hand in hand.

If you have a business, you probably have a brand without even thinking about it. The brand is people’s image of you and your business. For example, someone might own a laundromat that functions as their business. I’ve seen plenty of laudromats that don’t even have a name other than just “laundromat.”

Does that laundromat even have a brand? Yes. The brand is what people think about when they think about that laundromat. It might be as simple as, “Yeah, that’s a pretty dirty laundromat and most of the machines don’t even work.” If that’s the public perception, then that’s the brand.

But let’s look at another business where a book has helped build both the brand and the business. Taki Moore is a coach whose business, Million Dollar Coach, teaches coaches how to build a coaching business that takes them to seven figures and beyond. But Million Dollar Coach is more than just the name of his business, it’s also his brand. It’s what people think of when they hear the name Taki Moore.

So Taki wrote a book called—you guessed it—Million Dollar Coach. That book has made thousands of people aware of Taki’s brand and his business. Probably hundreds of people have become customers of Taki’s business after reading his book. This is one of thousands of cases where a book has massively helped build a brand and a business.

Who else has used books to build their brand and their business? How about Tony Robbins, Brendan Bruchard, Russell Brunson, Grant Cardone, and literally thousands of others with seven-figure and beyond businesses. In every case, their book or books played a huge role in building their business and their brand.

What to expect from this podcast

Done right, your book can be the cornerstone of your business. And in this podcast, you’ll learn how.

Some of the podcast episodes will be with authors who have successfully leveraged their book. They’ll talk about how their book helped build their brand. They’ll talk about how they leveraged their book to increase their business, often dramatically. They’ll talk about how they wrote their book and share tips to make that part easier.

Other episodes will be me teaching you about specific topics related to books, brands, and business. After over a decade of building a successful publishing company, and being mentored by very successful coaches and entrepreneurs, I have tons of great information to share with you.

Thanks for coming along for the ride. If you want to be part of a tight-knit community of people learning how to make money with their books, join my FB group at jetlaunch.link/group. That’s the best place to ask me questions and get fast answers.