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Beyond Kindle—Build Your Own Distribution Network

I had a good conversation with a friend of mine about this issue of Amazon vs the rest of the publishing world. He has some very good arguments for why KDP Select is not a good thing and how its purpose is actually to kill the competition. He’s probably right. […]


Write a Book to Generate More Leads

Do you want to generate more leads for your business? Write a book! There are many important reasons why you should write a book, but today I want to focus on one of the most lucrative reasons: writing a book will generate more leads for your business.  Most people think […]


Go From Self-Published to Traditionally Published

I often get asked if it’s possible to from self-published to traditionally published. Many people have the misconception that once you self-publish, traditional publishers won’t touch you. This is not true. What traditional publishers want Traditional publishers are interested in one thing: selling books. If you write good books that […]


How Much Does It Cost to Self-Publish a Book?

The cost of self-publishing a book is often less than what you think. Beware of self-publishing companies whose prices are either very high or very low. In this article, you’ll learn what the ideal price range is and why. You’ll also learn how to earn back all of your self-publishing […]