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Limiting Belief #6: Nobody will buy my book.

For most people that’s probably true because if all you do is put your book on Amazon, if all you do is tell your friends and family about your book, if all you do is go all over social media and tell people about your book—you’re probably not going to […]


Limiting Belief #5: It cost too much, and I won’t make back the money that I spend.

Well, that can certainly be the case. Like I talked about before, there are so-called publishing companies, vanity presses that charge anywhere from $20,000 to $80,000 for a so-called publishing package. What do I mean by so-called publishing, so-called design, so-called marketing? Their design is shoddy at best and unprofessional and […]


Limiting Belief #4: It takes too long to get my book designed.

Well, it certainly can. Traditional book designers take one and a half to two years to get your book done. Often, by that time, the information that you’ve put in your book is outdated and no longer applies, and then your book becomes pretty much useless. The so-called hybrid publishers […]


Limiting Belief #3: Finding a good book designer that I trust is like finding a good auto mechanic. It’s impossible.

It’s true that it is very difficult to find a good book designer and publisher that you can trust, somebody that’ll do a great job. A lot of people go through Fiverr or Upwork, and they find freelancers that’ll do the work for them very cheap. But they also get […]


Limiting Belief #2: I’m not technical.

While that might be true, don’t let that limit you. I want you to change your mindset from “this is a limit” to “this is an opportunity,” because it is. Most entrepreneurs spend way too much time and too many years trying to do everything. They learn the lesson of […]