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Grow Your Character to Write a Book That Makes a Difference

Anyone can write a book; just string a bunch of words together, and you’re done. Go on Amazon, and you’ll find thousands of books that will never make a difference. Most of those were written either to satisfy the author’s ego or in a sad attempt to make money. What […]


How to Design a Cover That Sells More Books

The following is a guest post by Debbie O’Byrne, JETLAUNCH’s premier cover designer. Self-publishing is growing rapidly, and indie authors find themselves competing with, and often out-selling, traditionally published authors. Traditional publishers are finding themselves trying to reinvent the industry to keep up with this massive wave of successful self-published […]


Interview with Dan Norris – The 7 Day Startup Genius

Sometime last year I was listening to a podcast that featured Dan Norris. I had never heard of him before. The focus of the podcast was Dan’s successful company, WP Curve, but he also mentioned his book, The 7 Day Startup. Being an entrepreneur and fascinated with the whole lean process, I […]


Financial Success for Fiction Authors

There are many ways for a fiction author to “make it.” The following is method of research, testing, and analysis one way to get started and build financial success as a fiction author. Step 1: Research The basis of this approach is to make the business decision to write to […]


The Purpose of Your Book Distribution Network

Building your book distribution network will require some effort on your part. If you plan your end game in advance, you will be ahead of most people and have the advantage. Your short-term end game, of course, is to sell books, and some people think that is their only goal. […]