See, here’s the thing, you don’t sell your book on social media. Don’t do it. People hate it. People don’t want you to get on there and start talking about your book and your business and trying to sell stuff. Just say no. You’re not going get anywhere selling your book on social media.

What you do want to do is sell you instead. Remember, people want something that is unique and different. They don’t just want something better, they want something different. And, unfortunately, they don’t see your book as something different. Your book is just another book about whatever topic it is you’re writing about. They’re not going see it as different. They’ll eventually see that it’s helpful, and they’ll be super excited for it to solve their problem, but that’s not what comes first.

The first thing they’re looking for is unique and different, and you are unique and different. You are unlike anyone else out there no matter what you think, and people are always interested in somebody new. Take the Kardashians, for example. Are there other beautiful, ditzy (they’re not all ditzy by any means) but pretty faces out there? Yeah, there’s a ton of them, but people are still interested in each and every one of them. They’re always looking for somebody new, somebody different.

Sell you by helping people get to know you. Think of it like going to any event. You hang out, you relax, you be yourself. You talk to people about yourself, just random things, whatever they ask about, and you start conversations. You ask other people about them more than you talk about yourself. But people are going to ask you questions, and you talk about them. Sort of like, “Well, yeah, I do this, and this is what I like, and this is where we are going on vacation, and this is my family” and so on.

Just think of all of the things you talk about when you’re having small talk with somebody, and you’re just sitting around and chatting. That’s the way that you want to be on social media. Show your goofy side. Show your serious side. Be kind; be helpful. Social media is a great place to find people that you can help because people are always asking questions. Jump in, help them, and don’t ever sell your stuff. When you go out and help people and you’re kind, you’re selling yourself, which is what people really want at that stage.

And here’s some more advice. After you’ve done several posts, take a look at the numbers. Which posts are getting the most comments? What kinds of posts are people more engaged with? Do more of those. But don’t give up on doing the random posts, whether they’re silly or not. Keep doing those, keep doing random things about your life and engaging with people.

And this will all come back to you. The way you are online is what people think of you, the impression they have, the image, their perception. We all know people who get on social media and all they do is blah, blah, blah, buy this, buy that, buy my stuff. They’re not interested at all in you, they just want you to buy their stuff. Don’t be that man. Don’t be that woman. Just be yourself—unless you’re a jerk, in which case you should change and then be yourself.

If you have any questions about anything, I really love to help people. Leave a comment, go to my website, whatever way you can get a hold of me, just do that and let me know if you have any questions about anything, need advice, or just want to tell me about yourself. I’d love to hear from you. I love people, and I love getting to know them. I would love to hear from you and get to know you.