While that might be true, don’t let that limit you. I want you to change your mindset from “this is a limit” to “this is an opportunity,” because it is. Most entrepreneurs spend way too much time and too many years trying to do everything. They learn the lesson of delegating way too late.

But it’s delegating that finally brings growth to people’s businesses. Would you rather spend 80% of your time doing all of the tech stuff, spending all of your time on those little things that really aren’t a very effective use of your time? Or, would you rather spend that time either writing another book or growing your business and working on your business, the things that you do the best, the things that are the most effective use of your time?

There are people who are techie, like me, who have spent far too many years doing everything themselves. I can certainly attest to that habit. For years, I tried to design book covers, design the print interior, design the ebook, do the publishing, design my website, and so on. I’ve done it all, and I did it all for far too long. It wasn’t until I finally learned the lesson of delegating that things really started to take off, and my business really started to grow. I was then able to help a lot more people. Even if you are technical, don’t fall into that trap.

Spend your time on what you do best or what you are the best person to do. You may not think it’s writing, but writing is probably one of the most effective uses of your time. And again, growing your business, working on your business, giving new leads, these are the things you are going to do the most effectively, and it’s going to be the most effective use of your time to build your business. In the end, not only will you make a lot more money, but you’re going to be a lot happier and have a lot more free time.