In today’s personal brand example, we take a look at Steve Larsen, a Marketing Coach and Entrepreneur. 

Example: Personal Brand Logo

The personal brand logo used by Larsen is simple, yet catches the eye. It includes his first and last name in white font, with his last name bolded.

Using both his first and last name in his personal brand logo allows for easy recognition, and no confusion compared to using just initials. There is a plain black background behind his name, which allows the white letters to pop in contrast, so it is easy to read.

Personal Branding Tip: Personal brand logos are easier to identify when your first and last name are included in full.

Example: Personal Brand Statement

From Steve Larsen’s website:

“Affiliate Marketing Coach and Master Offer Crafter”

Larsen has this personal brand statement included at the top of his About page on his personal website. His statement is very straightforward and informative, describing exactly what his profession is and what he does best, in clever wording. It provides a brief overview of what he has to offer to his audience with his personal brand.

Example: Personal Brand Tagline

Steve Larsen does not have a personal brand tagline. 

Example: Personal Brand Story

Larsen’s personal brand story is in the About section of his personal brand website, which is linked below.

He discusses his success story, and how it all started from when he was first married and was struggling financially. He asked his dad for a loan to help him and his wife out and his dad declined, saying that they needed to work for it and use their personal resources. Larsen explains how the denial from his dad lead him to work hard, by immersing himself in entrepreneur books and learning all he could about creating a successful business.

After a ton of research, he attempted to start multiple companies, which all failed. Finally he came across Click Funnels and Russell Brunson, who taught him a lot about marketing and how to make money from a business. He worked for that company and eventually left it, becoming successful as a Marketing Coach and Entrepreneur on his own. 

Larsen’s personal brand story creates a basic storyline of how he found his success. He is not extremely personal with his information, but personal enough so he can build trust with his audience. He explains how he dealt with struggles and hardships, yet overcame them. He creates validity with this information as well, by proving that the knowledge he offers to his clients actually works. 

Example: Personal Branding Website

Larsen uses as his personal branding website. On his website he includes information about what advice he has to offer his audience, and information about his programs, podcast, events, and blogs.

He also has a Reviews tab on his website, which includes assessments from his clients about what he has taught them, and how that insight has improved their business and themselves.

By offering full information about what he offers and reviews from clients, he builds credibility with his audience, and creates a strong personal brand.

Personal Branding Tip: It is crucial to keep your personal brands’ voice and tone consistent on your website and social media platforms so that you are notable and trustworthy to your audience.

Example: Personal Branding for Social Media 

Next, let’s take a look at how Steve Larsen has personally branded his social media profiles.


Larsen’s Facebook profile portrays his personal branding in a casual way. His profile picture is an easygoing headshot, since he is smiling at the camera and wearing a tshirt. This picture puts a face to the name, but is not too polished. His header picture is of him on stage speaking at one of his events, with a screen behind him that has a picture of him and his first and last name. This allows his audience to easily see who he is. He also included the URL to his personal branding website on the bottom right of the header picture, making it easy for his viewers to check out his website. 


Steve Larsen does not have an active Twitter account.


Stephen Larsen does not have his own YouTube account, but he does create YouTube videos that are posted on Sales Funnel Radio’s YouTube account. 


Larsen’s Instagram profile includes all you need to know about his personal brand. His profile picture is the same photo as his Facebook profile picture, which is a casual headshot. His bio explains what he does specifically, such as that he is an Internet Marketer, is Russell Brunson’s offer creation specialist, and is the voice of the “Sales Funnel Radio” podcast. By listing definitive things that he does and where you can find him, his viewers can simply check out what he has to offer, and will be more likely to want to work with him rather than if they had to dig deep to get that information.  

Personal Branding with Books

Steve Larsen has not published any books. Maybe he should 🙂

Personal Branding Tip: If you decide to publish a book to aid your personal branding, be sure that the information included directly correlates with the information that you post on your website and social media platforms. 

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